Most Facebook Fans Not Local – WSJ

Interesting article over at the WSJ about how only 15% of the average local business’s fans are in the city where the business is located. What does this mean? As the article suggests, local businesses have to try harder to target local fans. At Punchh, we solve this problem by giving customers who have walked in to your business the tools to talk about you on Facebook/Twitter and other social media channels. It turns out that by a vast majority, most of the customers who engage with a business through Punchh *are* local customers. Giving these customers the ability to interact with your brand through social media channels is the right way to engage with your clients if you run a local business.

In the end, Facebook and Twitter are channels for marketing – properly targeted, they are phenomenally useful in engaging with your customers. You wouldn’t run a radio spot without understanding your target demographic, would you? The same applies for social media marketing – and using the right tools to help you with that targeting is the key to an effective marketing campaign (whether with Facebook/Twitter or with traditional media campaigns).