AJ Bombers uses Punchh to re-think loyalty

“Punchh enables rewards for referrals, reviews, and repeat visits through mobile phones”

AJ Bombers, the award-winning restaurant and bar in Milwaukee and Madison, WI, is using the Punchh program to tap into the power of loyal customers through social media and mobile technologies. In addition, Punchh will be used at all sister concepts including Water Buffalo, Swig and Smoke Shack in Milwaukee, WI.

With Punchh, AJ Bombers is not only engaging customers by putting punch cards on their mobile phones but also empowering them to provide feedback to the restaurant and recommendations to their friends. With Punchh’s patented referral algorithms, AJ Bombers’ customers are automatically awarded additional referral punchhs when their friends visit and dine at AJ Bombers.

“Most loyalty programs start and end with tracking repeat visits.”, said Jitendra Gupta, Founder and CEO of Punchh. “Since customers are engaging over mobile phones and social media, traditional loyalty programs are not enough. The Punchh program re-thinks loyalty for the mobile and social era, to drive not only repeat visits but also referrals and social media reviews. As a result, our customers are seeing 3x the ROI of a traditional loyalty program.”

AJ Bombers, Water Buffalo, Swig and Smoke Shack Punchh cards

“We looked at a lot of programs but Punchh is the only program that allows us to tap into the power of mobile phones and social media to engage our customers and make them our advocates.”, said Joe Sorge, the driving force behind AJ Bombers. “By driving repeat visits, referrals, and social media reviews, we can now build 1-1 relationships with each of our customers, and expect to get significantly better ROI. Another reason we like Punchh is that punchhs are validated by customers themselves using their receipts. We didn’t need any hardware, software or training for the staff and we got started within days.”

In addition to punching their cards, customers can also write a review from right within the Punchh app. Restaurants can use these reviews to respond to their customers’ concerns, gift them extra punchhs for a great review or a bad experience or even republish the reviews on their own Facebook pages or Twitter streams.

“Restaurants are always looking for ways to build a social media community and to keep their customers engaged. Punchh typically generates more reviews in one month than Yelp! ever at a location, so restaurants can pick and choose the reviews they want to republish. There is no better way to build and engage your social media presence than to use real testimonials from real customers using Punchh”, said Jitendra Gupta.

Because Punchh uses mobile phones and Facebook to register the customers, restaurants can run highly targeted campaigns to re-engage their customers. “Punchh’s ability to invite our customers back to our location with push notifications and email campaigns by offering extra punchhs allows us to keep in touch with all our customers – not just the most engaged ones”, said Joe Sorge.

AJ Bombers (http://ajbombers.com/) is based in Milwaukee and Madison, WI. Pnuts, Burgers and Beer! That sums up this award-winning Burger Joint. Water Buffalo, Swig and Smoke Shack are also concepts from this innovative restaurant group.

Punchh (http://punchh.com) is based in Cupertino, CA. The Punchh program re-thinks loyalty to drive repeat visits, referrals, and social media reviews so that restaurants can build 1-1 relationships with their customers and drive 3x the Return on Investment compared to traditional loyalty programs. Punchh has over 200 customers like Boudin Bakery, Buckhorn Grill, Arby’s, Baldino’s and many more. For more information, email contact@punchh.com.