Back to School With Cause Marketing

Back to school season is here.  It’s a really exciting time for kids, but for parents and schools it’s a challenging time as they try to raise money for education for covering budget shortfalls. Creative parents and savvy restaurants often work together on fund-raising. As a successful example from the retail brand, Target just raised $2.5 MM for schools with its Give with Target campaign.

Savvy restaurants have always known that cause marketing is not only a way of supporting their communities but also a really good way to grow their business.  This year alone we have all seen many campaigns including:  Hungry For Happiness by Arbys, Iced Cappy Blast Cause Promotion by Baskin Robbins, Soup For the Soul by Panera Bread, and Alex’s Lemonade Stand which is supported by Rita’s Italian Ice.

Cause marketing campaigns require a lot of effort

Cause marketing typically involves three steps:

  1. First, the restaurants need to identify the cause that they want to support.
  2. Second, the restaurants need to define the offer. Typically restaurants invite customers to visit them on a certain day to support the cause and promise to give a certain % of sales to the cause.
  3. Third, the restaurants need to get the word out to their customers and community. Typically they hand out flyers or work with the local organization(s) such as churches, community centers, and/or schools.

And of course, on the day of the fund-raiser, all hands are on deck for the restaurant with music blaring and extra staff on hand to handle the extra customers. At the end of the successful fundraiser, the restaurant calculates the money that has to be given to the charity and writes a check.

So cause marketing campaigns typically involve lots of effort, for setup as well as knowing if it is effective.

With Punchh, Cause Marketing is Easy and Social

At Punchh, we think that cause marketing can be made easier and more effective. With Punchh’s Campaigns capability, restaurant operators can setup and launch a cause marketing campaign in just a few minutes.

After you identify the cause and the offer, Punchh makes getting the word out about your fundraiser a no-brainer.  Since we engage loyal customers, who already like your restaurant, sending them information about your fundraiser makes a lot of sense. Also don’t forget to ask them to share this information with their friends.

Follow these (3) easy steps to setup your own cause marketing campaign:

Step 1: Define the campaign

Step 2: Change your Punchh viral message to make sure that all shares from the app tell customers about your fundraiser. This makes it easier for the word of mouth to spread.

Step 3: Cut a check for the noble cause you’ve chosen to support. Punchh automatically tracks how effective the campaign is, show you the number of customers who participated, and how much you’ve raised.

Since Punchh allows you to keep track of different programs and even target them to different segments of your customer base, you have multiple fundraisers running at the same time.

Steps 1 and 2 should take you less than (5) minutes.  It’s that simple.

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