Show Me The Money: Word of Mouth Marketing in the Mobile and Social Era (Whitepaper)

Even as restaurateurs are busy with the holiday season and planning for 2013, it is important to reflect on 2012.  In 2012, we have seen two key trends accelerate:

  1. Mobile is here to stay: In 2012, mobile devices have rapidly become the primary channel that consumers use to interact with restaurant brands.  Mobile represents the biggest opportunity for restaurant brands to engage customers since social media.
  2.  ROI is the newest buzz word for social media marketing:  While Fans, likes, re-tweets, and follows are all good metrics, the top question most restaurant CxOs are asking this year: Where is my Return on Investment (ROI) from social media marketing? CxOs want to see how social media is driving in-store traffic and more activity at the Point-of-Sale (POS).

We have just published a whitepaper that helps CxOs and marketing teams at Restaurant brands learn about:

1.  What are the key metrics that will help you measure ROI from social media?

2.  Why word of mouth (WOM) marketing should be at the top of your marketing strategy for 2013

3.  How to drive WOM and real ROI using mobile and social media

Download a copy of the whitepaper, by clicking here.   If you want to learn how Punchh can drive your WOM marketing strategy in 2013, email us at: