How to Romance Your Customers On Valentine’s Day

Check out our CEO’s article on, on how to romance your customers on Valentine’s Day.

Romance is on everyone’s mind on Valentine’s Day – in some way, new lovers aren’t all that different from new restaurant customers: Both want attention that affirms the other party really cares about them.

What are the secrets to romancing your customers, on Valentine’s Day and every day? We think the secrets are as follows:[more…]

Firstly, let them know that you know they are your customers, not just run of the mill people who might stop by. Let them know you appreciate them because they ate at your place.

Do that by engaging them and — to extend this Valentine’s analogy — courting them a bit. Give them reasons to return for that second date, or, if they’re loyal customers, reasons to keep coming back. Some operators use emails to thank guests for their patronage, others do it in person. Others still communicate directly to customers through their smartphones. However you do it, just do it. Let them know you care by showing them you care.

Secondly, just like any sensible lover would, give those loyal customers a gift, be it a free drink or food item they like or admission to a private club or function — whatever it takes to make them feel they are uniquely special, and that you’re aware of their personal preferences.

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