Chipotle’s got game, but you can get one, too, and a lot faster

Chipotle Mexican Grill has proven many things in its 16 years:

1. People love a great burrito they can get fast, affordably and made to their specs.

2. There’s more to food than mere taste. Great grub has a backstory, and Chipotle’s is shot through with founder Steve Ells’ message of “Food with Integrity,” his passion for fresh, humanely and sustainably sourced ingredients.

3. It’s proven customers appreciate Chipotle as a company as much as they do any of its burritos. Customers feel good about eating there, about being part of a brand culture that extends way beyond the plate. Heck, it’s just hip to say you eat there.

4. And it’s proven it knows how to innovate and get people’s attention. The chain just launched a new smartphone-based game called Chipotle Scarecrow. As players progress through different levels—every action centers on ensuring customers’ wholesome foods are protected from the crows of corporate food producers—they’re rewarded with a Buy One Get One offer redeemable at Chipotle. Not only is eating there hip and tasty, now it’s fun.

Chipotle Scarecrow - 4

5. Oh, and one other innovation by Chipotle: its recent animated short film. First rate work, just as you’d expect from the fast casual leader.

We admit, Chipotle Scarecrow is a cool game. (In fact, we had to stop playing it so we could pen this blog!) It’s easily one of the better examples of such games on the market. With features such as rewards built into the game, customers stay on a mission to win and Chipotle stays engaged with players.

What few restaurant companies know, however, is such games aren’t the exclusive rights of chains with $1.5 billion in annual sales. The technology is such that these games are not only affordable, Punchh can produce them in as little as 30 days.

Nope, we’re not playing games with you, we’re serious. We can do it that fast and at competitive prices.

Punchh has developed multiple games for its existing clients, but even better are the loyalty rewards programs we’ve seamlessly married to those unique games. Smartphone games are great, but it’s hard to beat a program that runs automatically, without operator monitoring or input.

See for yourself by checking out what we developed for Rita’s Italian Ice Factory. (Not only is it fun, it’ll make you wish there was a Rita’s in your area if there isn’t!) Connect with us, and let us show you how to enjoy at least one advantage you might have thought exclusive to Chipotle.

Ritas GameRitas Game - 2