Punchh Launches Big Data Customer Segmentation

We love the food business, but there’s something else we love just as much – building cutting-edge software.

There’s much buzz around big data everywhere. But the big problem is that until now, big data analytics has mostly been about tools for large companies with big budgets. We are making big data just work for brick and mortar businesses, without requiring them to be IT savvy or data scientists.

Last week we announced a new product for Big Data Customer SegmentationTM. With this new capability, restaurants can not only get a deep understanding of their customers through demographics, frequency, spend, orders, social media reviews, and referrals but can also create and target micro-segments, based on ordered items SKU/PLU, spend, and other demographic and behavioral characteristics.

Within minutes, a restaurant CMO can drill down into store or customer-level insights, create micro-segments of their customers, and target them directly on their smartphones with personalized offers. For example, he/she can quickly identify which of the customers order a turkey avocado sandwich, and send them an offer for adding potato chips.

Punchh - Customer Segmentation