Manage Negative Customer Word of Mouth At The Speed of Mobile, With Punchh Real-Time Alerts

Today, Punchh is making Real-Time Alerts available to all operators, within its Mobile CRM Platform. With Punchh’s Real-Time Alerts, operators can manage negative word of mouth easily, and turn unhappy customers into happy and loyal customers.

Punchh’s Real-Time Alerts automatically alerts operators in real-time when customers write negative reviews.  Here’s how it works:

  1. Using a restaurant mobile app developed by Punchh, restaurant guests can earn loyalty points and write tweet-sized reviews that they can share with their Facebook friends.
  2. When a customer writes a review, Punchh’s Sentiment Analysis engine automatically scans the incoming feedback, identifies negative reviews, and triggers Real-Time Alerts that are instantaneously forwarded to the restaurant staff and/or managers (operators can select who needs to be notified).  The notifications are sent via SMS, Fax, or Email.  The email contains information about the customer, their comment text, the location and time the comment was left. This will enable you to take corrective measures and ensure customer satisfaction faster than ever before.
  3. Once the staff member get the notification, they can quickly respond to customers via email / push notifications or just walk over to the customer in the store.
  4. After they take corrective measures, they can also gift the customer to compensate for the poor experience.

Punchh - Sentiment Analysis and Real Time Alerts - 010914

So Punchh has just made it dead simple to manage negative word of mouth!!