Use Dynamic Marketing To Bring Your Customers Back

Traditional marketing is predictable, calendar-based, and set in stone. It’s about creating promotions for specific events such as the Super Bowl or the Fourth of July.

Nothing wrong with those, but nothing new either.

Dynamic marketing is the opposite.  It reacts to new opportunities, changing circumstances and personal customer preferences to maximize the moment a customer engages with a brand.

Here’s an extreme, yet excellent example:

During the 2013 Super Bowl, the Superdome in New Orleans lost power, leaving the stadium lit only by emergency lights and delaying the game for 34 minutes. Assuming fans everywhere might be bored while waiting for the action to return, the Oreo cookie brand tweeted the message, “You can still dunk in the dark.” The message was retweeted 15,000 times, and the brand’s cadre of Instagram followers leapt from 2,000 to 36,000 followers in one day. Over the next few days, some 150,000 pictures of Oreo cookies being dunked surged through social media channels.


Quick. Relevant. Engaging. These describe dynamic marketing.

Mobile helps you find dynamic marketing oportunities anytime anywhere. Here’s how:

1.  Know every customer – demographics (name, age, gender, marital status, hobbies, likes, etc), transactional information (orders and spend at restaurants), and social media graphs (friends, favorite places, restaurant reviews).

2. Pinpoint a customer’s location. Technologies such as Geo Fencing and iBeacon help you know when a customer is near or enters your restaurant.

3. Execute a 1-1 promotion instantly and automatically. An automated system can send a targeted, customized, and limited-time offer to those customers as they pass by the restaurant. Here’s an example of a dynamic marketing offer:  An ice cream special that targets moms between 3-4pm (just as they are picking up their kids from school), when it’s over 80-degrees outside.

Mobile makes your campaigns not only dynamic, but also fully measurable. Unlike TV, print or radio ads whose response rates are difficult to gauge accurately, mobile-enabled campaigns are targeted, timely, and relevant to your customers. Additionally the response rates are typically 10 times greater than the common 2 percent response rate from email—and 100 percent verifiable.

With targeted push notification campaigns to customers whose preferences are automatically established through recent orders, our clients consistently report 20 to 25 percent customer response rates.

With mobile-enabled dynamic marketing, you can test, tweak, and optimize your campaigns. If an offer doesn’t work well, operators can re-do the campaign by tweaking the offer or the audience within just minutes.

If you want to make your marketing dynamic with mobile, get in touch with us.