Schedule ‘Data Dump’ report periodically

Punchh Dashboard users can now save reports based on their preferences (Location and Data dump field names) and then add schedule to deliver the reports based on their preferred frequency and delivery method – Email, FTP location or both.

One of the key benefits of this feature is to automate the incremental loading on businesses data marts or analytics data bases etc. on a periodic basis. 

With this new feature, Punchh Dashboard users can do the following:

  1. Schedule to deliver data dump report daily (or their preferred frequency) to a list of preferred email addresses.
  2. Schedule to deliver data dump report to their system using FTP option.

‘Save Report’ option will help to save report parameters (like field name, location) as a separate report.
For eg: Dashboard users can save different fields and location as a separate report.

‘New Schedule’ option will help to add schedule (Daily, Weekly, Monthly) to the saved reports. The user will have an option to deliver the report using ‘Email’, ‘FTP’ or both.

Visitors -> Data Dump

Visitors - Data Dump

Newly added ‘Saved Report’ page – which helps in saving the report parameters.

Saved Report page

‘Add Schedule’ Page helps to choose all schedule related parameters.

Add Schedule Page

‘Saved Report – Overview page’ shows the list of saved reports and their associated schedules.

Saved Report – Overview page

Thus, this feature will help to deliver data dump periodically based on user’s preferences.