Choose your preferred Timezone in Dashboard

Guest’s data and related reports can now be seen in user preferred timezones in Punchh Data Analytics Dashboard.

Punchh Dashboard users will now have an option to choose preferred timezone in the Dashboard.  This feature will help users to change timezone as required and view Guest data in Dashboard metrics and reports.

Preferred Timezone will be a useful feature for the users, as it will automatically present the data in selected timezone reducing the hassle of converting data to their preferred timezones.

Changing timezone is simple and easy, Punchh Dashboard users can choose their preferred timezone from ‘Edit Profile’ page.

Preferred Timezone - Edit Profile

In addition to this, users can quickly switch between their location and business timezone using ‘Change Timezone’ option.

Preferred Timezone

This option will help in selecting location or timezones directly from your Dashboard home screen.

Also, Dashboard users will be able to see timezone abbreviation along with date & time, across the dashboard. This feature will help to determine the guests’ events according to Dashboard user’s preferred timezone.