Punchh Launches Gift Cards for Mobile Apps

Punchh Launches Gift Cards for Mobile Apps. With Gift Card feature, Guests can now purchase, use and manage restaurant gift cards directly within their mobile applications.

Digital Gift Cards are twice as likely to be used than physical cards for restaurant customers.

Gift Cards allow restaurant guests to pay at POS using the mobile app as well as transfer funds, share cards and view history of all transactions.


Business Benefits

  • “Increased Brand Value” as customers appreciate businesses, which use latest technology.
  • “Ease of Purchase” boosts Gift Card Sales.
  • “Ease of Use” boosts the number of transactions.
  • “Easy Sharing of Gift Cards” increases spending, as a larger number of people would lead to higher chances of a Gift Card being used.
  • “Ease of Transferring” leads to unused cards being put to use if they lie unused with someone.
  • “User Friendly Gifting of Cards” leads to greater involuntary spending.
  • Net Result – “Increased Sales”


Guest Benefits

  • Shop and use from the comfort of a Mobile Device.
  • No Delivery Fee.
  • Eliminates the need to carry any physical Gift Cards. All your Gift Cards are in your Mobile Device.
  • Flexible Amounts (depends on the Gift Card Processor).
  • Share your Gift Card with your Friends and Family without having to be with them in person.
  • Easy and convenient especially for busy, last minute gift givers.

Know your updated Gift Card Balance, Transaction History etc. within the app.


Features Available

  • Buy eGift Cards right from your mobile device.
  • Add your existing Physical Cards to your account and use them like digital gift cards.
  • Buy gift cards for your loved ones.
  • Share gift cards with your friends and family.
  • Transfer amount to someone else’s account or transfer an entire gift card to another user.
  • Easily reload your gift cards.


How to use Gift Cards?

Guests will be delighted with the ease of use of our Gift Card functionality. With very easy to understand and intuitive interface, completing a transaction is a breeze.

Purchase Gift card flow


Share gift card flow


Transfer gift card flow