Define Activity Detection rules to prevent Fraud

Fraud detection rules form the basis for any loyalty program’s success. Businesses want to take strong measures to prevent fraudulent activities in their loyalty program.

At Punchh, Businesses have capabilities to set-up activity detection rules in order to prevent fraudulent activities beyond a pre-defined threshold.

Punchh has many pre-defined activity detection rules to prevent the following fraud activities within a loyalty program:

– Guests scanning already used receipts multiple times

– Guests who visit beyond a pre-defined threshold in last n days

– Receipts, which have amount beyond a pre-defined threshold

– Employee check-in/redemption beyond a pre-defined threshold

– Home-delivery receipts scanned at location

– And many moreā€¦

fraud suspect 1

Businesses can manage fraud suspect guests who can be deactivated or banned by business users. Also, business users can apply filters to search guests in each fraud category and take appropriate action on them.

Also, top suspects are categorized based on the number of suspicious activities conducted by the guests.

fraud suspect 2