Punchh integrates with OLO online ordering platform

Punchh platform is now deeply integrated with OLO online ordering platform, which helps businesses engage more guests and increase revenue.

We have seen restaurants driving customer acquisition and growth using Punchh mobile engagement platform. In order to expand a restaurant’s customer reach and generate more revenue, Online Ordering integration is critical.

Therefore, Restaurant Loyalty Program apps on Punchh platform can now leverage this strategic partnership with OLO and improve their guests’ online ordering experience.


Case in Point:

One of our customers – Mooyah has gone live with Native Online Ordering Integration. Punchh Platform powers “Mooyah” for Loyalty. OLO provides online ordering.

Single Sign-on: Guests will be able to use their loyalty and online ordering using a single account. This will provide a seamless user experience, as guests will be able to make online orders using mobile or web.

Earn: Mooyah app users will be able to earn loyalty points automatically when ordering online and the loyalty points will be added to their loyalty account.

Discounts: Mooyah app users will be able to redeem earned loyalty points

Mobile App Flow:

OLO online ordering flow

Thus, Punchh platform continues to evolve and help restaurants to increase services to their guests and improve their guest experience and engagement.